Of the total beneficiaries, 485 seasonal workers are from the five barangays of Mambusao town, 222 from three barangays of Maayon and 112 workers are from the three barangays of Panitan.

In Mambusao, each of the identified barangays, namely Pangpang Sur, Pangpang Norte, Maralag, Balit and Bula, received P310,250 for the beneficiaries. On the other hand, Maayon’s three barangays, namely Fernandez, Pob. Ilawod and Palaguian, each has P270,100 for its 74 seasonal worker-beneficiaries. In Panitan, Brgy. Cabangahan received P149,650 for its 41 beneficiary-workers, Brgy. Ambilay P186,150 for its 51 seasonal workers while Brgy. Bangaan has a budget of P73,000 for its 20 beneficiaries.

Ms. Ma. Cecilia S. Acebuque, Head of DOLE Capiz said that under the TUPAD program, these beneficiaries will be engaged in a short-term community work to provide them with emergency or temporary wage employment. Acebuque also said that each worker-beneficiary will be hired for a 10-day emergency employment. They will be paid a daily minimum wage of P365 and will likewise be insured under GSIS.

Acebuque added that the seasonal worker-beneficiaries will work on the rehabilitation of farm to market roads, cleaning of roads, coastal areas and drainage, declogging of canals and beautification of their communities.

TUPAD is a community-based packaged of assistance that provides emergency employment for displaced workers, underemployed and seasonal workers, for a minimum period of 10 days, but not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, depending on the nature of work to be performed.